“Ranadheeran” – Open Source Feature Film


If you are a 3D artist, probably you will be using 3dsmax, Maya, Cinema4D, Mode etc.. Of course these are the High end tools that used by top Visual Effects and Animation studios around the world. But if you can’t afford to those softwares you can always take a look a the opensource software. One such free 3D program is blender. Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it does not have good capabilities or features. You have everything in blender in which you can create feature film as well.

Recently folks at blender announced that they will be creating a feature film called Gooseberry fully in blender and other open source tools. With the donations coming all over the world, dozens of studios all over the world will working towards it. While it’s still in process, the creative people over at “Real Works” studios already finished a feature film called “Ranadheeran” starring Super Star “Rajnikaanth”. The trailer first opensource 3D film especially from India stunned everyone at the blender community. Watch it here.

The trailer and the film was entirely made in blender and it’s advanced rendering system “Cycles”.

Sivaprasad Velayudhan writes :

We present to you, Ranadheeran — a trailer clip which is a proof of concept that
competent Computer Graphics can be produced in India
it takes only a fraction of the industry standard budget & time
Open Source software can be used in a production pipeline

He also said that it was made without the help from foreign skills.

The entire trailer was good except that the model of Deepika Padukone was not either 3D model nor realistic. Another good thing is that they did not use any workstation to render the whole thing. They used normal pc’s and over 750 man hours of work. Over all we indian should be very proud to release a 3D opensource’d animated feature film. Hats off to ¬†Real Works Studios.

Moster Scuplting Three


I’m currently sculpting the monster 3 in Mudbox just for fun again. My hands are in pain now because i continuously did it for 8 hours. I will definitely post the final version of this and i don’t think so i will texture it. But i will paint the 2D image in Photoshop .I’m yet to decide whether the head and neck should be like this or not.

Monster Sculpting

Monster Sculpting