Custom Textured Text


In this After Effects quick tip, i will show you how to make a custom texture and use matte to achieve beautiful looking effect. So let’s get started

Create a new composition [preferably 720p]. Create a new layer and name it as BG. Give it a Ramp effect. Choose desired colors of your taste and ramp style.

Next, grab the free ny textures from videocopilot. I choose’d the yellow one. Now open this texture in photoshop, use the brush tool (choose any brush type from brush presets) and just paint the texture randomly with some random colors. I made some like this.


Come back to after effects and drag this texture on to the composition.

Create a text named Flowers(since i used flower brush preset in Photoshop). With this “Text layer” on the top, select the texture below the text layer and then choose TrkMatte -> Luma Matte. Wow! It is already looking great right?. Precompose the Text and Texture layer. Right Click on the Pre-Comp layer choose layer styles “Drop Shadow”. Also choose Effect -> Stylize -> Glow. Set intensity to 0.5 and Radius to 60. You will that shadow get blown out in the background and that is what i want. Here’s my Final Shot



I also opened Precomp and animated scale values from about 50-100. This gives us a slightly different look and overall it adds some motion to it. I also animated text using built in Animated Text Presets. .gif below



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