Extrusion in 3ds Max and Cinema4D


In this article, i will demonstrate 3 types of extrusion in 3ds max and Cinema4D. If you want to learn 3D, extrusion is the concept that you will definitely come across. Extrusion is used in modeling, motion graphics(Text Extrusion) etc…

There are 3 types of Extrusion in 3ds max. And these options are not given to you unnecessarily. It is useful depending on what you are doing or modeling. So let’s take a look at it one by one.

1. Extrusion by ‘Group’

This is default option that you will be using when extruding. Take a look at the image below.

fig1 : Extrusion by Group

Extrusion by Group

In this case i have a cylinder with polygon mode selected(Polygon is the mode when you convert an object to editable poly. Not the one in extrusion option). This is type of extrusion that you normally use as beginner.

2.¬†Extrusion by ‘Local Normal’

This is second option that you have when it comes to extrusion. This option is very useful when select entire neighboring polygon around the cylinder. Just like the image below



Now if you try to extrude with the default option, that is by group it will produce the result that is undesirable to you. Just like the image below.

Extrusion along Polygons

Extrusion along Polygons

Instead what you want is select the “Local Normal” option and extrude. Result will be just like below image which will be much more desirable.

Extrusion along surface

Extrusion along surface

3. Extrusion “By Polygon”

Extrusion by polygon is very useful and probably you will be using it a lot when it comes to complex modeling.

Now select the same polygons and this time extrude by “Polygon”. 3ds Max knows what you are trying to do and it extrudes along the surface with some equivalent angle. Image Below.

Extrusion "By Polygon"

Extrusion “By Polygon”

This type of extrusion will very helpful and used if you are modeling a character fingers(well you can imagine it) and all those good stuff.

Now when it comes to Cinema4D, works the same but with slight change.

If you select all the neighboring polygons just like we did in 3ds max and try to extrude, Cinema4D automatically default’s to “Local Normal” option as in the case of 3ds max with “Preserve Groups” checked ‘On’. Image below.

Extrusion Default in Cinema4D

Extrusion Default in Cinema4D

Now if you turn off Preserve Groups, you will notice that it works the same as the Extrude “By Polygon” in 3ds max.

Polygon Extrusion Cinema4D

Polygon Extrusion Cinema4D

So that’s it guys. I hope this article will be very helpful especially for beginners. Thanks


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