Symmetry Painting In Cinema4D?


Hey Guys, for the last 2 months i’ve playing with sculpting tools integrated to Cinema4D. I really love sculpting as you can see in my work. The reason is just simple as others say. To Create highly detailed models. As in the image below.


Monster_TexturedOne of the most important feature in sculpting is “Symmetry” option. This options is available in any Sculpting program.This allow us to sculpt things in one side in which the program automatically sculpts the other side. So as i finished sculpting i wanted to texture the model in BodyPaint3D integrated to Cinema4D as well.

As you can see in the above image , only the textures of eye and nerves are different. Other than that everything is a single color. So i went on painting with brush tool in Cinema4D. It was pretty tedious process to paint like that. So just as sculpting i searched for symmetry painting option in Cinema4D which could have saved lot of time when painting a whole body. But i did not find any symmetry option. So i quickly tweeted to maxon.

Immediately i made a feature request to the maxon developer community to implement this nice feature that saves a ton of time.

So do you think “Symmetry Painting” is good at least in few cases?. What do you think?. Drop the comments.


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